Verizon iPhone 4 Gets Unknown iOS 4.2.6 Update

The Apple iPhone is waiting on its new software update and at the moment the latest one coming soon is iOS 4.3, hopefully coming out of beta soon. Well today we have learned that the Verizon iPhone 4 has a new iOS 4.2.6 update.

The Verizon iPhone 4 releases February 10 with pre-orders starting from Feb 3 and Apple wishes all to go well by giving it a last minute software update, no one knows what this update is all about and that is why we have called it “Unknown”.

The iOS 4.2.6 is Verizon iPhone specific and even though the build is 8E200 according to Mac Rumors this OS is a minor bump from iOS 4.2.5, just so you know iOS 4.2.5 was on the Verizon iPhone at launch.

As soon as we get more information we will let you know what differences there is between iOS 4.2.5 to version 4.2.6, what do you think the differences are?

You can get the direct link to iOS 4.2.6 for Verizon iPhone right here; let us know how you get on, thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone 4 Gets Unknown iOS 4.2.6 Update”

  1. Jeff Mires says:

    I went to the Verizon site and tried to switch eligibility and order an IPhone. I'd switch the eligiblity from my wifes phone to mine, but the next step would take me back the full price phone.

  2. Guy says:

    I just got the iPhone and updated it a matter of minutes ago. I don't really see any change to the phone, and the update was likely to address issues specific to the Verizon version of the iPhone. Perhaps it had something to do with the CDMA basis which caused for some hitches that Apple wanted to fix.

    The only thing I noticed was that the battery life on this iPhone wasn't as hot as I expected it. I went to class this morning at nine and got home at half past noon and my battery was already well below the halfway mark. The update might just make it more energy efficient. Nothing else really jumped out at me yet, but I'll post back if I notice something.

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