5 Top Tips for Buying an Android Device

In the wake of the recent Consumer Electronics (CES) Show, a growing number of new Android devices are hitting the market. With the excitement over new tablets running the forthcoming 3.0 (Honeycomb) OS as well as smart phones utilizing 4G networks, buying an Android can be as challenging as it is exciting.

There are important distinctions in feature sets and capabilities across devices. Before opting for a certain device, you should always review multiple options as well as the roadmap for future releases.

These tips can help you navigate your way to buying the right device for your needs:

1. Consider buying a new dual-core Motorola Atrix Android for improved mobility

For those looking for a combined smart phone and laptop solution, your dream Android may be on the way. Set for release this spring, Motorola showcased the Atrix 4G Android device at the Consumer Electronics show. As the first dual-core Android model capable of docking on a laptop, the phone allows you to have a complete mobility solution. For frequent travelers and those on the go, the Atrix might be just what the robot ordered.

2. Review your functional needs to optimize the performance of your Android apps

As an open mobility platform, Android devices come in a variety of form factors, OS variants and hardware capabilities. While most current Android phones utilize version 2.3 (known as Gingerbread), the exact capabilities of the device can vary widely. Hybrid models such as the Dell Streak as customized with a media interface while other devices offer a more standard experience. Always try out a variety of phones before making a final decision.

3. Evaluate OS variants and consider Nexus S for a “pure” Android experience

For Android purists looking for a true “out of the box” solution, Google partners with Samsung to produce the Nexus S. You can buy these phones through Google for activation on nearly any cellular network. With state of the art hardware and a pure OS installation, they’re worth checking out.

4. See if you can benefit from 4G connections in your area for lighting fast speeds

The fourth generations of mobility networks are deploying rapidly, and patient buyers can find the right Android phones compatible with these new broadband speeds. Check to see if your device and carrier can support the latest networks.

5. It may be worth waiting for Honeycomb (OS 3.0) for Android tablets such as Motorola Xoom

Android tablets are rapidly emerging to compete with iPad models and beyond. Google previewed Android OS 3.0 at CES, showcasing a stable OS customized for the needs of tablet devices. IF you’re looking for a tablet, then you may want to consider waiting for models such as the Motorola Xoom to be released later this year.

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By Kristian Luoma from Wantlet.com says “Hope you make the right choice and find joy in your new device!”


2 thoughts on “5 Top Tips for Buying an Android Device”

  1. AJ says:

    You may want to check your facts.

    Most phones still use 2.2 only a few have gone to 2.3

    The nexus s is made by Samsung not HTC.

    The nexus s is NOT available direct from Google. That was the nexus 1.

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