Forget Stress Relief Toys, Top 5 iOS Apps

Most people in this hectic day and age at some point suffer from stress, whether through work, or coping with the kids, or having those heavy bills land at the end of the month, there are many reasons for people to become stressed and just as many ways of dealing with it.

However, reliving stress can also become stressful as many stress relieft toys can be quite expensive, but there is a way to gain stress relief if that’s not too hard on your pocket you own and iOS device. So we thought we’d come up with a few stress iOS apps for your consideration.

So let’s get to it and first up is the Stress Relief apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, which is a humorous app which enables the user to vent all that built up frustration and thus alleviate stress by delivering a “pythonesque” retribution system of over 4 million unique games.

The Stress Relief app enables the use to get revenge by choosing a fish, handbag, baguette or teddy bear and holding onto you iPhone tightly you shake that stress away. Stress Relief is available from iTunes at a cost of just $0.99.

Next we have the Squeeze and Shake Stress Relief iOS App, which is quite simple in as much as it takes its premise from a stress ball to let out all that pent up emotion. You can squeeze you display to emit a cute rubber duck sound and the faster you squeeze the faster the sound is emitted.

Squeeze and Shake Stress Relief also enables the user to shake and vibrate with the iPhone that also delivers the duck sound but also delivers a hand massage as the iPhone vibrates, again releasing that stress. The Squeeze and Shake Stress Relief app can be downloaded from iTunes at a reasonable cost of $0.99

Next we have the Bubble Pop Stress Relief app, as you probably know scrunching up a sheet of bubble wrap, the sheets made of air filled bubbles, is always a good tension reliever, and Bubble Pop Stress relief uses that premise to alienate your troublesome woes.

As you can imagine, Bubble Pop Stress Relief doesn’t need any real explanation, as all you do is take your frustration out by popping the bubbles and is great fun. Bubble Pop Stress Relief again costs just $0.99 from iTunes.

For those that enjoy smashing stuff there is Stress Relief: Smash Edition, which is basically a tool for releasing your pent up stress and leaving you calm and relaxed. How does it do this? By allowing the user to break stuff.

With the Stress Relief: Smash Edition you get to smash apple, cakes, grape, eggs, tomatoes, answer machine, clock radio, keyboard, laptop, coffee mug, piggy bank, glasses and much more. Stress Relief: Smash Edition can be downloaded to the Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from iTunes for just $0.99.

Last but not least we have the Stress Relief Audio Book for iOS, which is an audio app which contains one of Lynda Hudson’s Clinical Hypnosis audio books, a self help hypnotherapy recording that has been based on numerous clinical hours to help people relax.

The Stress Relief Audio Book features auto-chapter pause, skip to chapters and the ability to resume where the user left off, and is targeted towards teenagers and adults. Stress Relief Audio Book can be downloaded from iTunes for a price of $7.99.

So there you have it the top five iOS apps for dealing with stress relief and pushing that tension out and away from your body so you can relax and enjoy time rather than worry and all reasonable priced.


One thought on “Forget Stress Relief Toys, Top 5 iOS Apps”

  1. pbberk1406 says:

    Ok here we go again asking our electronics to solve our problems.
    Two better suggestions SEX and EXERCISE! Both release powerful endorphins that relieve stress and reduce depression. Either can be done alone so no excuses!

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