HTC Thunderbolt May Release Sooner Say Verizon

With the upcoming release of the much-awaited Verizon iPhone, it looks like Verizon need to remind people that the CDMA iPhone isn’t the only smartphone that will launch on the Big Red network, and that they have an Android device soon to see release.

Of course Verizon is touting the new HTC Thunderbolt, as according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report Verizon has used their official Twitter account to tweet…” Many have waited for the Verizon #iPhone. Some looking for the #4G #LTEHTC #Thunderbolt. May be sooner than we expected!”

Other than that, what release date has been set for the Android 2.2 Froyo LTE 4G enabled HTC Thunderbolt is still somewhat of a mystery. We recently reported that a rumour was doing the rounds that the device could possible be released on the 24th of this month, (here).

So perhaps that Feb 24th isn’t too far off the mark as I’m sure the Big Red still wants to grab as much Android action as possible even though they will see a huge increase in traffic once the Verizon iPhone lands.

Is anyone waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt to drop or have the Verizon iPhone caught the eye of the majority of Big Red customers?

HTC Thunderbolt hands-on video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Intomobile…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt May Release Sooner Say Verizon”

  1. Gimp says:

    Ever since I heard about this phone at CES I've been waiting for a release date so I can go to AT&T and give them a proverbial massive middle finger and cut my ties with them!!!

  2. Racey says:

    I'll be getting the Thunderbolt. I've had an iphone and it wasn't or me. I switched to android and I really like where it has been going lately with the newer updates. My wife will be getting the iphone as she misses hers that she quit using when we moved to Verizon from AT&T but we'll wait and see if VZW releases an iphone 5 this summer.

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