The Daily App for iPad Released

For all you Apple iPad owners out there that want to grab the one and only iPad only daily newspaper, The Daily, the iPad app has now hit the Apple App Store and is available to download top your iOS device.

You are probably aware that The Daily for iPad is the first digital news publication exclusively for the Apple tablet and apparently delivers the “depth and quality” of a magazine but obviously delivered daily to your Apple iPad.

The Daily iOS app features over 100 pages of original content per day, delivers original video footage, images that can be viewed in 360 degrees by swiping, infographics, clickable hot spots, interactive charts, favourite sports teams news, photos and scores, in-app comments, the ability to save an article for reading later, sharing articles via email, Twitter or Facebook.

The Daily app for the Apple iPad is available to download as of right now by hitting up iTunes and is a free app download with two weeks of The Daily for free.

Introduction of The Daily video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of WatchTheDaily…enjoy.


8 thoughts on “The Daily App for iPad Released”

  1. It’s one of the worst interfaces I’ve seen for a major news app. If they want to compete with the daily, which is one of apple’s creation, then they should have created a better design.

  2. James Peffall says:

    I tried it and liked it BUT:
    1. No college sports? No Washington Huskies……
    2. Weak news and no business/finance/markets?
    3. No animation on weather…..radar?
    Price seems 'in the ballpark' but will read during the free period before deciding to subscribe….am on the fence at the moment.

  3. Henry Firth says:

    Dont believe the other posts. This isa foundational application and interface. THe best you will see in itunes today. the interactivity is amazing, the content is good and plentiful. THE video is located perfectly, no pop up adds aor banner adds. Full page adds and few and far between they are.
    At times ther eis a tiny lag in navigating but nothing that a code tweak couldnt fix. This app is absolutely amazing.
    Im not sure what the other see. But I see the v1 beginning of a wondeful challenge to other app interface designers. This is amazing.

  4. Andrew says:

    I agree. Too light on content and too much fluff. Heavy on glitz and graphics. I'll check back later when NewsCorp has digested some of their Daily reviews. There's too much other good news content for the iPad without all the time it takes to get through the Daily (should be called the Weakly). Sorry Rupert –>Uninstalled (for now).

  5. Manley says:

    I wish I could see it to make my own evaluation but I have yet to get it to load. It crashes before getting past loading EVERY TIME so far…………….

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