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Now that Google has held their Android Honeycomb event is done and dusted, searching for your Android apps on the Android Market has just become a whole lot easier because you can now search for your Android apps on the web.

According to an article over on Eurodroid, Google has now gone live with the Android Market Web Store, where the Android faithful can log in, browse for apps and download to your smartphone, all form your computer or tablet.

On the new Android Market Web Store the user still gets all the latest app information on what’s new, free, paid, app reviews and such, and even shows you what apps you have already installed on your device. I checked out the Android Market Web Store and everything seems to be working just fine, and with a single click on an app you can have it sent right to your handset.

Up until now as far as I know the only other option for viewing Android apps on the web was Appbrain, but now with the new official Android Market Web Store things have become a lot simpler for Android users and people like me who post about apps.

IPhone and Apple iPad users have had this facility for some time with iTunes, and now Android users can have a similar experience to iOS users, which is a move in the right direction. You can access the new Web Store by hitting up https://market.android.com/

And just so you can check out what the Android market Web Store is like we have a video walkthrough for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Bwonedotcom…enjoy.


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