Google Body Browser App for Android Honeycomb: 3D Humans

Today at the Honeycomb Event (Android ecosystem) Event a new announcement surrounding Google Body got a lot of attention, they say that this new feature is like Google Maps of the Human Body.

Google Body for Honeycomb (Android 3.0 OS) is now official and is coming very soon, a demo was shown at the event how the whole system works and how new 3D graphics library in Android looked.

If you visit Google Labs you can see the Body Browser and we know that is great so to hear it is coming to Honeycomb Android operating system is even better news. Please let us know if you will be using it once it has been released.

Just like Google Maps you can take away layers only this time with humans, you can rotate in 3D and search body parts before having them highlighted in the app, strip the human right down and search for organs, bones, muscles and even click to identify anatomy.

For more information please visit Android Police and Android Community, we would love to hear from you about the new Google Body Browser for Honeycomb.

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