Mobile Phone Tower Erected on Front Lawn

Now if you own your home and keep your front lawn nice and trimmed, the last thing you want is someone to come round and slap some high pole on your property, be told it’s a street light and then find out it’s actually a mobile phone tower.

Well according to an article over on MSNBC, and y way of NBC New York that’s exactly what happened to Lori Di Marco of Brookhaven Long Island. The mobile phone tower is taller than lampposts and trees and apparently the tower is situated in a neighbourhood with no utility poles.

The tower was erected on Di Marco’s property less than a week ago by California based NextG Networks, and Di Marco states they were lied to all the time. Di Marco says it is killing property value and is an eyesore.

Michael Di Marco said…“The company is trying to get an advantage. They want to plop something on my property and I lose complete value of my house. They told me it was an extra light the town required.

Brookhaven Superintendent of Highways, John Rouse accuses NextG of erecting the tower without the required plans and permits along with the bond needed to erect a mobile phone tower near their roads.

Seems quite wrong to me that someone can just come along, spin you a load of lies and erect a mobile phone tower right on your front lawn, what are our reader’s views on this matter?

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