New Apple iPad Prototype Spotted

We all know that Apple is gearing up to push out the next generation Apple iPad, but so far the world hasn’t seen the new Apple iPad 2; however apparently at the launch of The Daily for the iPad apparently a new Apple iPad prototype was seen.

Apparently a Reuters eyewitness notice what looked like a working version of the next Apple iPad sporting its front facing camera at the unveiling of The Daily yesterday, unfortunately though no pictures were taken.

So basically this is yet another unsubstantiated rumour as there’s no real evidence that the Apple iPad 2 was at the launch of The Daily for iPad; however a “source with knowledge of the device” confirmed its existence, which is something we all knew anyway.

So not a great deal of other info on the Apple iPad 2 other than someone has said they saw it. What we do have for you though is a short video of Rupert Murdoch unveiling The Daily at the event, and he does have hold of an iPad, although not the iPad 2…enjoy.

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