Nokia E7 Release Date Delay Over: Now Shipping

At last the Nokia E7 release date delay is over because it has started shipping to a few select markets.

The delay has gone on for quite some time now for the Nokia E7 smartphone and to some it might be a little too late and may not want this device any longer, well for those that do wish to purchase this model from Nokia here is a little info for you.

The Nokia E7 features a 4-inch AMOLED 640×360 capacitive touchscreen display, 8MP camera with a dual LED flash, a second VGA front facing camera for video chat, and can record HD 720p videos, it comes with 16GB of onboard memory and a slideout keyboard.

Nokia has not been specific about the exact markets the E7 smartphone will release with but it will be coming very soon, according to The Inquirer there is no news at all about UK release, the E7 ships this week to select markets but the UK will have to wait a little longer.

Please visit Engadget for the full press release and do check out their hands-on review and gallery. If you scroll down a little you can watch the Nokia E7 in action courtesy of YouTube.

Please let us know if the delay has put you off, will you still buy the Nokia E7 smartphone? For more specs and a video please read our other article here, you may also want to read the latest news on Play.com getting the Nokia E7 March 21.

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