Telus To Unlock Canadian Smartphones as of the 15th Feb

Some time ago over in the great white space of Canada, Canada’s Telus said they would enable customers to unlock their chosen device at a cost sometime early this year, and apparently that time is only a few days away.

According to an article over on Mobile Syrup by Ian Hardy, and by way of the Vancouver Sun, Telus will offer to unlock their customer’s smartphones as of the 15th of this month for a price of course, which is apparently $50.

Word is that Telus will put out a list of devices that can be unlocked along with instructions on how to unlock your device, and although devices can be unlocked any contract term still stands unless the customer forks over a cancellation fee.

The VP of Mobile Solutions at Telus, Brent Johnson has said…“If people want to get a subsidy they can get a locked-in contract but they don’t have to have a locked-in phone… It gives people greater flexibility for instances where, for example, they are at the end of a contract and they want to give their phone to someone else, that phone would work on any network including Telus.”

The official word on unlocking from Telus is…“Customers subscribing to a monthly plan (postpaid) and using an active and eligible SIM-based device for a minimum of 90 days will be eligible to have their device unlocked for a fee of $50. “

It appears there is definitely at least one exception to the unlocking of devices by Telus though, and that is of course you can’t have your Apple iPhone unlocked.

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