HP Pre3 Demo and Hands-on Videos

Fancy a closer look at the new HP Pre3 webOS smartphone, the latest device on the Pre line because if you do we have a couple of HP Pre3 demo videos along with a HP Pre3 hands on video for your visual entertainment below.

The three HP Pre3 videos come our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile beginning with the hands on footage from Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo, which delivers a three and a half minute dive into the HP Pre3.

The second video is an HP Pre3 demo from the guys over at Intomobile and lasts almost two minutes white the third piece of footage is again an HP Pre3 demo courtesy of Mobile Tech Review and delivers almost three minutes of coverage.

We covered the specs of the HP Pre3 smartphone in a previous post today, which can be located by hitting up (here) so I won’t go over then again. But one does have to wonder if the HP Pre3 can fair better than previous Pre handset when they were under the Palm banner…enjoy the videos


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