Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Devices Pop Up Already

Well that was sure quick off the mark, it hasn’t been that long since the word came out that Nokia was partnering Microsoft to deliver Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphone sometime in the future and already we have Nokia WP7 concept images hitting the net waves.

According to the guys over at Engadget, 2 companies have moved extremely fast to push out concepts on what a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device would look like and as you can probably see these concepts feature the required 3 keys for a Windows Phone 7 device.

The guys say the shape of the concept devices sits between the Symbian handsets, the Nokia C7 and the Nokia N8 and are brightly coloured.

As WP7 devices require those 3 keys though it’s fairly obvious that previous Nokia handsets such as the Nokia N8 and the new Nokia E7 won’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 7, and of course one has to remember that these are just concepts and thus not real production smartphones.

We also have for your viewing pleasure a short Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept video courtesy of YouTube user ShaurmaSashaB, so check the footage out below.

Is any of our readers looking forward to the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device coming out to play sometime in the future?


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