Mini iPhone To Be Half Size Possible Release Summer

The other day word hit the fan of a cheaper mini iPhone may appear in the not too distant future to combat the rise of Android, you can refresh your memory on that mater by hitting up (here), well apparently the rumour just might be true.

According to an article over on Engadget, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the usual “people familiar with the matter”, whomever they may be, have said that the mini iPhone would be approximately half the size of the current iPhone 4.

Apparently one of the unnamed has seen a prototype of the mini iPhone, which carries the codename of N97, and would apparently be offered to carriers for approximately half price, which would enable carriers to subsidise the device and thus place the iPhone in the same mass market price range as rival smartphones.

Furthermore according to the “people familiar with the matter,” MobileMe is going to receive a major revamp and apparently Apple is thinking about making the Mobileme service free. Apparently the new line of iPhone handsets along with the overhauled MobileMe is scheduled for release this summer, but that could change. Apparently Apple has taken the normal response and declined to comment.

So there you go, we could be seeing a mini iPhone come summer, but could this mini iPhone be released instead of the iPhone 5? Does anyone really want or need a smaller iPhone? Feel free to voice your opinions on the mini iPhone to our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Mini iPhone To Be Half Size Possible Release Summer”

  1. Kaffeguy says:

    The Apple iPhone is just about the right size now. I cannot picture a smaller screen. Smartphones are becoming an all in one mini-computer. Students and professionals are liking the 4.3 inch screens of the Androids such as the HTC EVO and the Motorola Droid. The screens are just the right size and are not bulky. Android is becoming better than Apple and better than the OS of Windows 7 phones. I myself prefer the 4.3 screen phone and the sexiness of the iPhone. Apple needs to understand that they need to move on with their technology and give consumers what they want. The once a year change of the iphone is ridiculous to me. People usually change their smartphones every 2 to three years. Apple products are expensive and they use the same hardware that the rest of the high end computer and smartphone manufacturers use.

  2. Jeff Allen says:

    The most annoying thing about the present iphone is the key size which is too small so making a smaller model would be "interesting". Bring back a normal keypad like Blackberry for the business market were text is still important.

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