Acer ICONIA SMART Big Screen Smartphone Unveiled at MWC 2011

While rumour has it that Apple may be gone smaller with their iOS gear, Acer is moving in the opposite direction and has pushed out a bigger screen smartphone called the Acer ICONIA SMART, an android handset with a whopping 4.8 inch display.

According to an article over on Phone Dog, and by way of Phandroid, Acer announced the ICONIA SMART handset today at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, which sports a 4.8 inch 1024 x 480 screen with 21:9 aspect ratio.

Spec wise other than that large display the Acer ICONIA SMART offers an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p video, a 2 megapixel front facing camera, Qualcomm MSM 8255-1 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and 8GB internal storage.

Apparently Acer has stated that be delivering the larger display on the handset they are hoping to deliver “the capabilities of a tablet in a smartphone format.”

Word is the Acer ICONIA SMART should release in April or May in Europe followed by the United States in either June or July.

Just how large can a smartphone display go before it is classed as a tablet I’m not too sure, but do our readers think smartphone displays should get bigger and bigger or is there really a limit?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It continues to interest me to watch the ‘drift’ towards what I call the ‘swap-over’ screen size of 5 – 6″ inches; as the debate over ‘What is a tablet ?’ continues.

    Last year, the Dell Streak 5 emerged as the ‘tipping point’ and immediately took a strong position in the minds of many. I joined in during December 2010.

    Slowly, screen sizes have been gravitating towards this 5″/6″ position as the ‘ideal’.

    The Dell Streak 5 has matured from Android 1.6 to Android 2.2.2.

    The Dell Streak 5 fits into a jacket pocket, protected by an excellent leather wallet.

    The Dell Streak 5 performs magnificently as a ‘sat-nav’, powered by the amazing Google mobile maps application, and with a dashboard mount in my car..

    The Dell Streak 5, with its 3G/Wi-Fi capabilities, delivers an extremely consistent browsing capability – anywhere – in the UK. I know, I travel a lot.

    Screen sizes are ‘drifting’ between the 10.1″ Apple offerings at the top and and the early ubiquitous ‘smartphones’ at the other end of the scale.

    There are plenty of 3.3″ offerings, and latest Acer model is a 4.8″ ‘phone-tablet’ – and the drift goes on.

    I have used my Dell Streak 5 almost from ‘day 1’ and continue to use it everyday. When its 2 year contract is completed at the end of 2012, I shall probably change it for something in about the 6″ range – and I hope it going to be a Dell !

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