Mini iPhone 5 May Be Followed by Mini iPad 2 in September

Well now, we’ve recently heard the rumours of a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone 4 may be on its way later in the year, a mini iPhone as it is being called, which will be half the size of the current version, and now it seems there will be a mini iPad as well.

This is of course in the rumour stage at the moment, but according to an article over on ITproportal, they have heard, although they don’t say from whom, that the release of the Apple iPad 2 will come in a few weeks time and will apparently be followed by a smaller version.

They say that the mini iPad could have a 7-inch form factor, which we’ve already heard being bandied about the net waves, and would arrive in September to compliment the Apple iPad 2 and not replace it.

They are also calling the mini iPhone the iPhone 5 mini, so could this mean that the new iPhone 5 will only be the smaller cheaper model? So we are apparently expecting an iPhone 5 mini and an Apple iPad 2 mini sometime later this year?

Of course all this is just rumour at the moment and Apple hasn’t commented what so ever on the rumours as far as I am aware. So would people purchase a smaller iPhone and smaller iPad? Or do you think this is all just pure bunkum?


9 thoughts on “Mini iPhone 5 May Be Followed by Mini iPad 2 in September”

  1. Runey says:

    I think the iPhone Mini is almost a certainty. Apple will want something to compete with the smaller and cheaper smart phones out there.

    The iPad mini is less likely. The other 7 inch tablets out there aren't having much impact on iPad sales. Apple would be more worried about the Xoom and is around the same size as the iPad.

    Let the betting begin.

  2. DoctorDee says:

    I would not buy a mini iPhone – can't see the point. The existing one is not too big. Would almost definitely buy a mini iPad though. Would love something smaller and more portable than the current model, but bigger than an iPhone for watching movies on trains and planes. Hmm, one I had a mini iPad, it would do lots of things I use my iPhone for, but do not use my iPad for because it is too big. So then I might be happy to downscale my iPhone. Damn, Apple got me again. I'd keep my iPad (or iPad2) buy an iPad mini and an iPhone mini.

  3. Ryan says:

    The iPhone 5 mini sounds like a great idea as many people out there still like small phones and all the good SMART phones are pretty big these days. If Apple can also price this more competitively they will capture to 2 new markets.

    As for the iPad mini, if Apple can make this cheap enough then bring it on. Otherwise I don't see the point – if you are looking for more mobility buy an iPhone 4. If you look at successful Netbooks most have been 10" or bigger I am guessing for a reason (MacBook Air, NC10, Aspire One, Eee PC 1005 etc) – are tablet PC's not their successors?

  4. shorty500 says:

    have you guys who wrote this paper not read that stevve jobs said there would NOT be a smaller ipad lol and plus the rumpr is that is will be released to buy before april you guys really need to do your apple researurch your the only article claiming september

  5. david says:

    I think these comments say it all.

    Some people would buy a mini iPhone, others would buy a mini iPad – there's a market for lots of different device sizes.

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