HTC Droid Problems Simply Frustrating: Advice Needed

I have been experiencing many problems with my droid, which have gotten me so frustrated to the point where I find it easier to just not use it at all.

First, I cannot seem to ever get to my main screen– the screen continues to scroll to the left. No matter how many times I use the touch pad or the roller ball to get to it, it keeps going all the way to the end screen on the left. Next, text messaging is nearly impossible– while I am typing, the cursor jumps sporadically to the left just like the home screen.

Basically it ends up jumbling all my letters together– eventually I will get pop-up which makes me “force close” the program. Also, I have the pattern lock feature on my phone and because of the uncontrollable movements on the phone– most of the time I cannot even unlock it in order to use it!! Making a call can also be very difficult because the cursors continue to jump around to random names in my address book, even when I touch the one I want.

This also happens when I select an icon in my Menu– it jumps to another one and I can never get to the one I want. All of this makes it very difficult not only to open a program, but also to type in passwords, texts and phone numbers.

Those are just a few of the many problems!! I am so frustrated with the problems with the droid!! I don’t think I will ever be buying another one! I would love if anyone could offer me any advice or assistance with any of this.

This was submitted by Lauren K in our ‘Problems’ section and thought we would highlight this one seeing as this pops up quite often, if you could help that would be fantastic.


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