Android 2.2 Froyo Update for Samsung Captivate Released and Pulled

Now I know that many Samsung Galaxy S smartphone users over in the US of A have been waiting for the Android 2.2 Froyo update to hit their chosen device, and apparently Samsung Captivate owner had a brief taste of the Froyo update earlier as Sammy finally made the update available.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, Samsung released the Android 2.2 Froyo update for Samsung Captivate users, but apparently Samsung has slapped Captivate user right in the kisser by pulling the update.

Yes folks it appears that once again your hopes of playing nice with Android 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung Captivate have been well and truly dashed by the incompetence of Samsung.

Annoying at best, cruel at worst, Samsung just can’t seem to get releasing operating systems right these days as is evidenced by complaints over the Samsung Epic 4G and Samsung Vibrant Froyo update. When clicking the read link on the BGR the page comes up ” System error is occured in current page.”

No word from Samsung as to why they pulled the update, but then that’s nothing unusual is it? Fell free to vent your undying anger at Samsung in our comments area below.


16 thoughts on “Android 2.2 Froyo Update for Samsung Captivate Released and Pulled”

  1. Jacob Daniluck says:

    I hate samsung right now. I don't want to void my warranty at all as i just brought this phone maybe 2 months ago. I just want to play with FROYO. why can't i do that. just give us what we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 2 Months? Lucky you, some of us have been waiting since July 2010. One of us (me) gave up and took matters into their own hands and discovered the wonders of Cognition 3.04. Even if they do release froyo, you should seriously consider looking at the other options. I somehow doubt the the Samsung release will fix the lag issues since that is not related to Froyo itself but rather the file format Samsung used on this phone. The fine folks over at XDA fixed these issues a long time ago. Looking back I wish I had never been so afraid of breaking my phone. If you take your time, rehearse the procedure and reread it the directions till it feels familiar, you will find the process is not that bad and the end results are more than just a little amazing. Samsung makes a great piece of hardware even if the customer support and software have prevented people from enjoying it. There are many ROM's you can try, Cognition happens to be very stable and not to bad to install. Click on the XDA link to begin your journey. You won't regret it!

      1. CogFan III says:

        I've been waiting since July. Last week I had enough and installed Cognition 3.04. What a difference – no AT&T bloatware, no lag, NO ADS plus it runs on Froyo. Everything just works. I wish I had done it sooner. As Cogfan says, "rehearse the procedure and reread it the directions till it feels familiar" then go for it.

  2. ALFL says:

    Though the Carriers share some of the blame, Samsung has absolutely dropped the ball on all the customers who jumped on the Galaxy S bandwagon. NO COMMITMENT, NO COMMUNICATION to the 10 MILLION (unless they inflating that as well) Galaxy S buyers. Meanwhile they have already started Pushing 2nd Gen Galaxy S, Nexus S incuded, and even Galaxy S variants to 2nd tier Providers and have 2.2 or 2.3. NEW PRODUCT but just do not care for all the users that made the Galaxy S a succes in the 1st place.

  3. Doug says:

    There was never a release, only a leaked download page with no active link or anything embedded int he source. This has happened to almost every major internal revision, you guys just never noticed before.

  4. bill says:

    Can Xda devlopers tweek software from T-mobile ( froyo 2.2 ) or Rogers ( Captivate 2.2) or UK ( froyo) and have it avaible for samsung captivate users ( eclairs – usa at&t ).. Not sure how is that relased froyo on other decide gona be different from what we need.

  5. kyle says:

    I just want a product to work with all the goodies as advertised. samsung builds great products (thats why apple is their biggest costumer "6+ billon") I have had this not quit complete product since july. was promised repeatedly
    2.2 is coming !!!!….. what other industry would allow this. I am in the audio industry I couldn't sell a mixer with an aux send not working. but there are nine more we will have it running for ya when ever. ya right why no blame to google??? it is there operating system they should require the people using it to be responsible.


  6. Gideon says:

    If they had not insisted on adding their crapware to Google’s “vanilla” Android, they would not have looked silly/dishonest for 6 months running.

    I wonder what this does to Google’s reputation vs. iPhone

  7. Bryan says:

    I hate Samsung. They need to give answers instead of hiding int he dark like a bunch of cowards. I will do my best to tell everyone I know not to buy their products and I will never again buy another Samsung product. I've been waiting since the release day of the Captivate and had too many broken promises. Samsung needs to realize that while others pass them, they too still need to care about their first and loyal customers whom decided to go with them for their very first Android platform phone for AT&T. They should be ashamed about how they are handling this.

    1. David says:

      I'm not sure Samsung cares, but I agree they have been at best incompetent and at worst dishonest on the 2.2 upgrade issue for Captivate and Galaxy S.

  8. Chuck says:

    I understand the technical and contractual issues which may be delaying the release of software to my phone. What I cannot grasp is the complete lack of response or information from either Samsung or ATT regarding the issues or status of OS updates. Utter public relations failure. I plan to avoid all future Samsung cellular products, unfortunately I do not have that option with ATT.
    I will now follow the path of many other fed up Captivate owners and research and install a custom ROM.

  9. Pat McCrotch says:

    Samsung needs to get it right the first time, whenever we first heard about the the greatness of the Captivate phone we should done more research and/or held ATT to their word about getting the 2.2 software upgrade from Crapsung. Folks if you can install this software on all your new products you can go back and make a patch for the Captivate followers. If I only know now what I should have known earlier I think that I would be much wiser………

  10. Sam says:

    I bought Captivate about 3 months back. I hate it to the core as there is no skype, no Netflix, battery sucks, GPS goes crazy etc. Also, email sucks. It pulls Yahoo email One by One and some times it goes on forever on trying to render the email content. I totally regret moving from iPhone4 to Captivate. I thought if I could update the android from 2.1 to 2.2, I could use skype at least. Looks like Samsung is testing our patience in not delievering the update. I am done with Samsung. Samsung is the worst ever company when it comes to dealing with customers. So, SCREW the warranty, I am going to put on android 2.2 provided by Cognition 3.04 or so.

  11. David says:

    To re-gain our loyalty should Sammy promise us upgrades to 2.3, 2.4, and maybe 3.1 as well, so that after they have done that work in 18 months we can all abandon them when our current contracts are up?

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