iPhone and iPad Accessories: iWOW 3D Combo Headphones Enhancer

If you are one of the iOS faithful sporting either an iPhone, iPod or Apple iPad and are an aficionado of entertainment and wish to get the best sound quality from your listening experience then you may want headphones that come with an enhancer.

So what we have for your consideration today is an accessory for the iPhone, iPod and Apple iPad from SRS Labs, their iWOW 3D Combo, which attaches to your chosen iOS device via the 30-pin Apple connector.

The iWOW 3D Combo deliver authentic natural and immersive sound along with a deep rich base and dynamically finds and restores audio details that are buried in source material to deliver an engaging listening experience whether listening to music or viewing videos.

The iWOW 3D Combo for iPad, iPod and iPhone, features snap on colourful faceplates so you can vary the appearance of the unit, and there is also a free iOS app available from iTunes for adjusting the settings, as you require along with selecting speaker setting for headphones, external speakers or your car.

The iWOW 3D Combo is available for pre-order and will be available with headphones for $79.99 or without headphones for $59.99, although you can also pre-order from Amazon who are offering the with headphones version for $69.99.

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