Panasonic Link-to-cell Works with Mobile Phones

In this day and age many are turning away from the traditional landline home phone and opting to go with a mobile phone, probably due to the cost of having a landline and the usefulness over being able to use a smartphone whilst out and about.

However there is a home phone that can answer calls made to your smartphone, the device is called the Panasonic KX-TG6582T cordless phone and features Panasonic’s Link-to-cell technology.

And Sam Grobart of Gadgewise spent some time checking out the Panasonic phone and feature and has given the device a review. The Link-to-cell feature means that when you are at home and someone calls your mobile phone, every handset ion the house will also ring and the call can be answered by any handset.

Grobart says that Link-to-cell is good for those that are in the habit of leaving their mobile out of reach or in another room of floor level and allows the user to answer their mobile phone from another device without having to pop downstairs or hunt for your smartphone.

Furthermore apparently the user can use the Panasonic cordless phone to place a call through their smartphone, and Grobart says you don’t really need a landline as you can use the Panasonic Link-to-cell as an extra handset for your mobile.

The Panasonic KX-T6582T sports all the usual features of a cordless phone including voicemail, answering machine, caller ID, and also has the added feature of being able to transfer up to 650contacts from your smartphone to the device.

The Panasonic KX-T6582T comes complete with cordless handset, base units charging dock and additional handset and retails at roughly $80.


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  1. Randerson29 says:

     It’s a great system if you want to have 3 cordless phones around that you can’t hear anything on.  You run or the cell that replaced your landline and extensions while you run past the 3 useless panasonics. 

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