Phone Recycling for Money or Donate to Charity: EcoATM

Normally when you see the letters ATM you automatically think of a cash point where you can draw or deposit money, well welcome to the new EcoATM the future of phone recycling for money or donate to charity kiosk.

At the moment there are many websites where you can send your mobile phone of via the post and receive money for recycling your old device, well thanks to the new EcoATM kiosk you can do it yourself with ease.

These kiosks could be outside your petrol/gas station or grocery store and according to the San Diego startup it has raised a massive $14.4 million in a first round of funding, so it looks like this will be coming very soon. EcoATM makes the kiosks and they use electronic diagnostics, artificial intelligence and are a highly advanced machine that will spit out money or store credit for those that recycle their electronic devices.

Below you can see the machine in action and we do recommend watching this YouTube video because this is the way forward to help the environment and we strongly support this.

The good news about this machine other than recycling is that if you recycle your device you will have the option to choose money, store credit or even donate the money the kiosk offers you for your old device for charity.

If you watch the video below you will notice that a mobile phone has been put into the machine, you then choose what your handset is and the machine decides what connection cable it uses then you grab the cable and plug your device in, once connected the machine does an electrical test and damage inspection and then the final price is determined.

We love this system very much and support it, please do let us know what you think of the new EcoATM kiosk the future of phone recycling?

Source – Venture Beat


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