Sony S1 PlayStation Tablet vs Apple iPad 2: Poll

When it comes to tablets and gaming and the combining of the two it seems that the Sony S1 PlayStation tablet and the Apple iPad 2 will have a challenge competing against each other.

Earlier on today phonesreview.co.uk writer James reported via PC World and Engadget that Sony is upping its game by releasing a brand new tablet called the Sony S1 PlayStation Android Tablet, and with a new Apple iPad apparently releasing this year of 2011 the game will be hot.

Sony already has the gaming smartphone called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play so to add a tablet to its gaming line only makes sense with the amount of tablet PC’s releasing of late, the new Sony Tablet aka The S1 will apparently feature a 9.4-inch display featuring Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

The Sony S1 will be about the same size as the Tegra 2 processor Apple iPad 2, the S1 is apparently going to be released around September and should be priced at about the same price as the iPad around $599 for the WiFi only version.

So here is the question “Will there be a new Sony S1 Tablet release and if so what would you choose to buy?” please answer our poll question below.

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