Verizon LTE App Development Centre Almost Ready

If you are a mobile applications developer hoping to develop apps for Verizon’s LTE network, and happen to be near San Francisco, you just might like to know that the Big Red is almost ready to open their LTE app development centre.

According to the guys over at Phone Scoop, the Verizon LTE app development centre is a place where developers can try out their applications on a “controlled portion of Verizon’s LTE network alongside Verizon engineers.”

Apparently developers will be able to check performance data for their mobile apps along with getting feedback from Verizon engineers on how to accomplish maximum app performance on the LTE network and there will be marketing staff on hand to help show how best to position said apps.

It would appear that the Big Red is highly confident in their LTE 4G network and thus want developers to push it to the limits. A spokesperson for Verizon has told Phone Scoop that they are “anxious to see how creative develops can be in putting its LTE network to use.”

So there you are if you are into the mobile app development game, are near San Francisco and would like to give Verizon’s LTE network a go then you may soon be able to do so at the Verizon app development centre, personally I wasn’t aware apps needed to be specifically developed for LTE but there you go you learn something every day.


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