Xperia Play Price Revealed via FaceBook Contest

The new PlayStation phone aka Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is definitely a smartphone gamer winner for sure, the price has now been revealed and we know you will like it.

The Xperia Play has been priced at only $400, if you visit The Gamer Buzz they show that there is a Facebook contest happening where the Xperia Play is up for grabs, it seems they have revealed the price, which looks like a real winner.

The prize of this Facebook contest is how the price was put on the Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) gaming smartphone and this is the unsubsidized price tag, could this mean that this handset will sell cheaper with certain carriers with a 2-year contract? Get’s you thinking a little doesn’t it!

Do you think the Xperia Play price will be $400 once released or will it be cheaper/expensive?

Please head on over to Facebook and check out the contest and see what you reveal, have fun and please enjoy. Just want to say a big thanks to UberGizmo to the above news.

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