HTC Droid Thunderbolt Delayed Further: Update

For the poor souls who have been patiently awaiting the release of the HTC Thunderbolt on the Verizon network and have been hoping against all hope that the Android 2.2 Froyo device would become available as of the 24th of this month, it looks like you’ll be disappointed.

According to an article over on Droid-life by Kellex, the guys over at Android Guys is reporting that the HTC Thunderbolt has been delayed a further four days and will now release on the 28th of the month.

However, according to an article over on Droid Attic it may even be later, but certainly wont be offered by Best Buy next week.

The reason apparently is due to production problems rather than anything to do with Verizon or Best Buy, but that still doesn’t change the fact that yet again potential customers have been let down when it comes to a release date for the device.

Are you hanging on for the HTC Thunderbolt, or have you decided to opt for another smartphone, feel free to voice your annoyance at this latest delay with the device to our comments area below.

UPDATE: Please read our other article here, apparently it has now been delayed until March 4th. Sorry for the bad news.


46 thoughts on “HTC Droid Thunderbolt Delayed Further: Update”

  1. IdTapThat says:

    im getting my money back and getting a new phone. they lost one potential customer. this is ridiculous. they should at least announce a release date.

    1. Swatz says:

      But it's not verizon's fault. Now, HTC is about to mess up, because the Motorola Bionic is not to far off, and specs are a tad better, so they'll end up loosing customers (of the device, not verizon).

  2. todd says:

    My annoyance is all these articles being wrote talking about "Delays" when there has never been an official release date set by Verizon………..and the rumor mill continues…….

    1. Michael says:

      Although there was no official release date. When I preordered the phone at Best Buy on February 6th, the saleaman was confident at that time that it would be released on the 14th. Therefore, I do consider it a "delay".

    2. GLOCKMAMA says:

      But there was by Best Buy who is the exclusive retailer. I mean if you are purchasing something from Walmart & you order it from them, give them money and they give you a delivery date & then Sam's, an associated yet different company, goes & changes that date, twice now, you are gonna be pissed. So either way it's bull shit. Not to mention "production problems"? They knew when they allowed pre-porders to be taken that they needed them to be produced. So now Best Buy who is an authorized premium retailer for Verizon has given 2 dates that have been delayed, therefor ultimately it is Best Buy's problem caused by Verizon. Verizon is costing Best Buy the money on the sale of the device and Verizon is likely to lose money themselves in contract losses. Besides this is so typical of Verizon. However, you didn't see them being so secretive about the stupid iPhone release date. Nor did you see them change any release or launch dates. It's like since they got those stupid things they don't care about anything else. If you want a quality device instead of an iPhone you're just screwed. Yet the Thunderbolt was their biggest & most exciting attraction as CES, amongst the genuine tech geeks.

  3. FRC says:

    By the time the Thunderbolt finally gets released next fall, we'll have new dual core Android devices out, and nobody will care about the Thunderbolt anymore. It's starting to remind me of Duke Nukem Forever.

    1. Revivedhunter says:

      there is already a dual core android coming out, i'm not sure when the release date is yet but its called the Motorola Bionic, very similar to the thunderbolt, but it has dual core processor.

  4. jbradley says:

    I’m tired of waiting, but I will never buy iphone. This is bs however. All these date changes every hour, now production problems ya right. What’s next march 28? Wow…..come on dam..

  5. stevek says:

    Give me a break… I'm waiting for the Thunderbolt, but I've got a phone which emails and makes calls and even texts others. I'm not handicapped by 4day delay. Not sure why we all need to be addicted this way. Yes I'm due for an upgrade, so I'm looking forward to upgraded technology and they waiting for the 4G update in may area. But Please people. Do cry about something that's out of your control. Don't worry, be happy it will be here in no time

    1. GLOCKMAMA says:

      I was waitin at the door when they opened on Superbowl Sunday. But I want this specific phone. I've been waiting on it's release since it's 1st info leaks like 8 months ago. I'm sooooo sick of their BS!

  6. Steve says:

    I am not waiting! I am so pissed off with Verizon and the way they handled this phone! I went in to a Verizon store yesterday and the pion representative said, The Thunderbolt will be out in June." Disgusting communication and service!

    1. Mike says:

      sounds like you got the one idiot that didn't know the difference between the bionic and thunderbolt, I get being pissed off at all this but I don't think the entire verizon network deserves a bad customer service rap because of a single guy in a single store.

  7. Jacob says:

    I am annoyed and may just pick up the Inspire 4G over at AT&T. What are "production problems?" HTC's CEO publically stated that the phone has shipped and the FCC has done it's tests and approved it for sale. I was guessing that maybe the phone isn't working well with the LTE network.

    1. GLOCKMAMA says:

      You are right HTC has the phones ready. Best Buy says they are ready & Verizon is the hold-up. Best Buy even has the delivery date and inventory amounts in their store systems to be ready on the 23rd. Speculation and rumor (if u call it that) from a tech sites very reliable source says the 1st delay was because of the 14 day non-coincidental clause, and they wanted to wait that 14 days for fear too many people would have buyers remorse on iPhone & bring it back for the Thunderbolt. That same source now says that since the iPhone didn't sell as quickly as expected (as in sold out 1st day) that now they are holdin out for 4 more days for those who bought the iPhone late. So basically we're gettin screwed because all these people who had to have the iPhone, may realize what we've known for a long time, and want the better phone that's coming out.

  8. oBIGTo says:

    HStop spreading rumors with no credibility. HTC has started shipping the phones to the stores already, and should be in stock between the 21st & 23rd. My store is scheduled to receive them on the 23rd!

    1. GLOCKMAMA says:

      So is mine, however these rumors are coming from tech sites stating they have reliable inside sources giving them this information. The same ones who were right about the 1st delay. I pray they do actually bring em out then, but due to their history I am not holdin my breath.

  9. Jeff E. says:

    If i didnt have to put my SIM card in a prepaid phone because of my G1 dying on me i wouldnt have as much of a problem as i do with this whole situation. There are a lot of people who arent happy with the way this is being handled and there is a simple solution that Verizon is choosing to stay away from….updating customers/potential customers with whats going on. even if they dont want to give a release date they could still say something, anything.

  10. jack D says:

    Verizon has made a mess of this phone release. The "coming sooner than expected" thing by VZW on the website is BS. I am getting the Atrix for AT&T. You just lost a customer Verizon. GREAT JOB!

  11. Mike says:

    LOL people are REALLY saying they aren't buying another VZW product because a phone that hasn't been announced isn't OUT yet??? Get a clue people. Its out when its out. I have it preordered as well… i'm not going to return my preorder because SITES other then verizon keep delaying it… go ahead go to ATT and be miserable. GO AHEAD.. buy a MOTOROLA BIONIC WITH A LOCKED BOOTLOADER and be even MORE miserable. People today want what they want NOW. Or even yesterday. Please. It'll come. Just wait.

  12. jen says:

    I've had an ancient phone (over 4 years old) on its last legs that I was waiting to replace with a smartphone that had some kind of longevity and quality. I thought the thunderbolt was the answer. If my phone dies before the thunderbolt comes out I may get an iPhone because I don't like the other androids Verizon has and I don't get good reception for AT&T or Sprint. bleah.

  13. Michael says:

    Screw Android, Windows phone is it. I've had an android (droid X) iphone (3gs) both have their pro's and con's but windows phone is definitely the best and will continue to get better as time goes on.

  14. Mike says:

    I'm a third party agent, and I recently got confirmation that we're getting the thunderbolt on the 23rd for a 24th launch, looks promising. keep in mind verizon hasn't actually given any of these speculative dates, we simply chose to base our hate and impatience on "sources close to the matter"

  15. GLOCKMAMA says:

    Personally I think that since they got the stupid iPhone that's all they care about. As for their loyal customers who don't want the "smartphone for dumb people" A.K.A. the iPhone we are simply out of luck. Seems as if you want a real smartphone then we will have to continuously be put on the back burner so Verizon can accommodate all the iPhone Fan Boys 1st. I hope they lose a ton of customers over this. Maybe it will teach them a lesson. You can't put all your eggs in 1 basket. If they keep it up they'll lose such a substantial amount it will be counter-productive to the ones they gained with the iPhone in the 1st place.

  16. Doug says:

    There are no production problems. The Best Buy by me already has the device. My friend is the manager of the mobile dept at that BB and he actual showed me the boxes and one of the phones. Verizon is just jerkin us around while they try to sell more "i (suck) phones" and make sure that many of them can't return them when the Tbolt comes out.

  17. thunderbotfan says:

    Wow, name any one of these so called "Sources" that have any ties to Verizon at all. None of them, they are all speculating from a screen capture that is posted showing a sku code that could be an htc product code.
    Geez, my sales rep at Verizon said that they have gotten accessories in for the Thunderbolt which means it should be released within a week or so. Patience people…..

  18. yeeeeah... says:

    By “money back” we mean our $50 for the preorder of a device we were almost promised would be out on the 14th. I also preordered the phone as soon as it was available. The “delays” are very annoying, but that’s only because my phone is literally falling apart. I’m trying to be patient, but SOME news would be great from Verizon.

  19. david says:

    I smacked down my $50 two weeks ago and go the gift card. Spent it today on something else. Will just sit back and wait until summer and see what comes down the pike…Thunderbolt turned into nothing but a clapper.

  20. eestubbs104 says:

    I am on a month to month contract with Verizon (my two year contract was up in December 2010). I have the option to temporarily suspend my Verizon service without penalty. Umm, if the AT&T Inspire or Atrix comes available before the Verizon Thunderbolt, I may just play out my option, temporarily suspend my service with Verizon and than see how well AT&T works in my area. Hopefully Verizon can win me back.

  21. whocares says:

    The really reason they delayed the droid thunderbolt (4G)was because they didnt want iphone purchasers returning there iphone(3G) which they had 14 days to do so…..they are slick…not because of any other reason like production….BS

  22. KMB says:

    I can wait. I am in no hurry! I could care less when it comes out. Its like the one comment i saw saying by the time it comes out, there will be something better.

  23. eestubbs says:

    With all the press about how good Verizon's network is, I think Verizon is starting to think that the consumers will be willing to wait forever for them to release a phone. AT&T is starting to look a lot better with the release of their two phones; the Inspire and the Atrix. And if all else fails, Sprint still sells the EVO 4G

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