iPhone 5 NFC Will Differentiate from Rivals Via a Twist

NFC, short for Near Field Communication, I’m sure most have heard of it as the feature has been around for some time, but thus far hasn’t really taken off in the mobile space, but apparently NFC is the big thing this year and word is Apple is using NFC in the iPhone 5.

Of course Apple being Apple the iPhone 5 NFC would have to stand out from their competitors, and according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, Brian White, an analyst for Ticonderoga Securities, in a note to investors on Thursday said that his sources state NFC on the iPhone 5 would come with a “twist.”

The iPhone 5 NFC “twist” although not elaborated upon would serve to differentiate the iPhone 5 from its competitors in the mobile payment field.

Sounds interesting and peeks the curiosity as to just what this NFC “twist” on the next generation iPhone just might be, but no doubt whatever the twist is it will bring in cash for Apple and could be a selling point for the iPhone 5.

So come on, let’s see if anyone can speculate as to what this NFC “twist” could be, feel free to voice your suggestions to our comments area below.


One thought on “iPhone 5 NFC Will Differentiate from Rivals Via a Twist”

  1. This is tricky, are we talking about a twist in the technology or a variant of application. Apple has a knack for turning ordinary usage into app extraordinaire. The ticketing, paying, checking in, accessing are all great applications interconnecting all will be one killer app. So I will speculate that the NFC for apple will act as a human shake hand as a personal identification for all close proximity scenarios. Second, thing that comes to mind and is being speculated on the internet is iPhone integration with other Apple devices. So basically I can continue where I left of on iPhone, on an iPAD or a Mac book pro and vice versa. The details of how the required data or book marks or user activity is tracked on the iPhone to other devices and vice versa is well…out of scope..

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