O2 Launches Guru TV Channel on YouTube

The UK’s leading mobile phone operator, O2, has launched its new YouTube channel — O2 Guru TV. The channel promises to be a valuable source of information on new mobile phone models as well as user guides and help on subjects such as setting up wi-fi capabilities and learning to use complicated smart phones.

The channel has already been extremely popular, with over 80,000 channel views, making it one of the fastest growing commercial channels on YouTube. The videos are presented by qualified O2 gurus who are trained to help O2 users set up their mobile phones and get the most out of their handsets.

As of February 2011, O2 started adding hundreds of new videos to their channel in order to help address some of the most common issues and problems experienced by mobile phone users. The idea is that users will no longer have to battle with instruction booklets or expensive telephone helplines — they can simply log on to YouTube and see a live example on their computer screen. The unique aspect of the O2 Guru TV Channel is that it has absolutely no focus on sales. O2 don’t sell anything through the channel, nor do they promote their products or services. It really is just a very helpful tool designed to assist O2 customers and mobile phone users.

The O2 videos are all very professionally produced and contain step-by-step information presented by their knowledgeable and informative Gurus. Being able to see the steps carried out on the screen in front of you, as opposed to having to read through the steps in an instruction booklet, is absolutely invaluable. Many of the videos are only seconds long, which goes to show just how simple many of these tasks are to carry out when someone shows you, rather than tells you, how to do them.

The O2 YouTube channel also contains a number of reviews of new mobile phones, so if you’re thinking of changing or upgrading your handset, you might like to have a look at some live, real-life reviews and see the phone in action before you decide on which one to buy. There are even helpful videos on checking mobile broadband coverage, checking your allowance, connecting to O2 wi-fi, and setting up your O2 email account.

This move further underlines O2’s commitment to customer service and ensuring that you are able to get the best out of your mobile phone package. There are no sales adverts or techniques whatsoever — just handy, helpful tips.

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