Angry Birds Playable Game You Can Eat: Video

Well you would certainly have to be one dedicated Angry Birds fanatic to want your birthday cake to resemble the highly popular multi-platform mobile game Angry Birds, but as the video we have for your viewing pleasure below confirms there are those about.

The Angry Birds Playable Birthday Cake video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Gizmodo and by way of Electric Pig and delivers three and a half minutes of seeing the Angry Birds birthday cake being constructed and then watching Ben launch the birds at the green pigs.

I have to say whoever made the Angry Birds cake is a culinary artist, as those green pigs and ice Angry Birds sure do look just like those in the popular Angry Birds game, and the great advantage is you get to eat what’s left as well, and not a smartphone in sight.

Apparently the Angry Birds birthday cake took ten hours to make, while it took 6-year old Ben just two minutes to destroy, but no doubt they all had a good time clearing up.

Hmm, I wonder what green pig tastes like? Looks like Ben had a great time too. So head on down, mash that play button and check out this rather unusual take on the Angry Birds game phenomenon…enjoy.

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