Apple iPad 2 Gains Review On Video or Maybe Not

Yes folks this is probably the first video review of the Apple iPad 2 tablet that all the iOS faithful have been patiently waiting for. Okay before we go any further I confess it’s probably not what you are expecting.

The Apple iPad 2 Review video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Redmond Pie and by way of The Readers Eye, and had been made by YouTube user Exkild, but it’s probably the closest thing to an Apple iPad 2 review anyone is going to get before Apple finally unleashes the device onto the public arena.

The video is of course a humorous take on reviewing the iPad 2 with the device sporting a humongous 27-inch screen and was only made for entertainment value and is obviously not the Apple iPad 2 in any shape or form.

Have to say though perhaps a nice big 27-inch screen Apple iPad could be the next big thing, I mean especially for those with impaired vision, and well let’s be honest the video is good for a laugh on a cold and wet Monday morning…enjoy.

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