HTC Thunderbolt Price with Best Buy Confusion

The upcoming HTC Thunderbolt price is causing a little confusion at the moment and in that we mean with Best Buy, we have seen two different prices for the same smartphone with the same online store.

If you look at screenshot images below one of them says that the HTC Thunderbolt is $299.99 and the other one says $249.99, the first image below is a screenshot we did and the second one is via BGR.

Now we know that Verizon Wireless is going to sell it for the higher price of $299.99 so how true is it that Best Buy separate flyer dated Sunday, February 20th shows it will be selling on its online store for only $249.99. Time for a little digging as they say and that is what we will do.

The HTC Thunderbolt with its 4.3-inch touchscreen, 8-megapixel camera and 4G LTE connectivity plus its front-facing camera will be very popular indeed.

We gave you some news on Feb. 19 mentioning about the HTC Thunderbolt delay and that got a few responses, there have been many dates for its release like Feb 24 then there was another date of Feb. 28, one of our commenter’s said:

First Screenshot

I’m a third party agent, and I recently got confirmation that we’re getting the thunderbolt on the 23rd for a 24th launch, looks promising. Keep in mind verizon hasn’t actually given any of these speculative dates, we simply chose to base our hate and impatience on “sources close to the matter”

Second Screenshot

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2 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Price with Best Buy Confusion”

  1. Jim J. in Nebraska says:

    In the second ad for the thunderbolt it states a price of $249.99 "After Savings" anyone know what "After Savings" means? Im hoping i dont have to pay $249 plus my pre oder $50 gift card from best buy. Yeah i know everyone is complaining about the release date and the price changes. No one can really complain if you think about it. But if i end up having to pay $299 on the 24th or the 28th then i might re-think buying the Thunderbolt! Yes i know ill be out the $50 dollars cash, but it will still be good at bestbuy as a gift card. The Bionic i may have to wait for…..if im goin to be paying $300 for a phone it better be well worth it!!!!!!

  2. Carl A. says:

    All I can say is Verizon and/or Best Buy had better be glad that I am patient. I have been waiting for this phone since December but now its starting to get out of hand. Even I can only wait for so long .. the Evo at half the price is starting to look pretty good to me now.

    Sure, when it comes down to it Verizon has not said anything officially yet so we cant call them liars, but Best Buy has told pre-order customers specific dates and then had to retract. In my area, customers were told they could pick them up on Feb 14th. Everything is speculation and rumor so we dont really know anything for sure. But the way I see it, if I had a warehouse full of brand new state of the art phones gathering dust, I would much rather have them on the shelves making me money NOW instead of later. Since they are not, all I can do is assume that something is wrong and they are not yet ready for release.

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