Android 2.2 Froyo Update for Samsung Epic 4G Released

If you are an owner of the Samsung Epic 4G smartphone who has been let down time and time again over the Android 2.2 Froyo update, and are expecting Sprint to shove out the Froyo update you don’t have to wait for that over the air release as Sammy has beaten Sprit to the punch.

According to an article over on Engadget, old Samsung has made the Android 2.2 Froyo update available to Samsung Epic 4G owners via their support website whereby the user can grab a .exe file to run from their computer and update via USB connection.

Or apparently usrs can opt to select the Mac link and get an update.zip file that can be run straight from the Samsung Epic 4G’s SD card, although it has to be stock devices running the recent DI18 build.

Remember to back up all your data beforehand, as you will be restoring the handset to a blank slate. According to commenters over on XDA-developers first impressions range from a noticeable performance hike to several bugs hanging around and you can check out those by hitting up their website.

So any of our Samsung Epic 4G owning readers grabbed the Android 2.2 Froyo update yet and if so how was the experience for you, did all go fine or are you facing any issues? Fell free to share your opinions to our comments area below.


65 thoughts on “Android 2.2 Froyo Update for Samsung Epic 4G Released”

  1. Curt says:

    Learn how to type, no one wnts to listen to someone wo cant spell. I don't know why anyone who has been witing for this long would want to go rush to do it themselves now. I will wait for Sprint to push it out to me. I have been diligent in waiting and i can keep my composure until i receive it. and im sick of hearing people put all this waiting on sprint like they had anything to do with it… they are the ARRIER they dont make the phones or do any of the update coding. Samsung has other phones they havent updated yet either so why would anyone put blame on sprint? sprint is doing great and they are in the middle of all this.. people are too impatient

    1. GetOverIt says:

      Funny how this idiot's initial post started out by saying LEARN TO TYPE but you somehow can't spell CARRIER. Grow up sap, sit in the corner, shut up and wait for your update. Who cares

    2. Really? says:

      "I don't know why anyone who has been witing for this long "

      As I don't know why anyone who complains about other's spelling wouldn't proof-read their own post and caught the "witing" mistake…

  2. Dennis says:

    I used it myself. Worked great. I did lose my apps though. It took me about an hour to get them back. No big loss. So far everything seems to be working as advertised.

  3. Steven says:

    I updated mine last night! If you you have a Mac do NOT use safari to download the zip file. Mac will usually open the Zip file automatically and create it as a folder which doesn't work when you try updating your Epic. Google Chrome worked for me which kept the update in Zip file format!

    The update didn't cause me to start from a "blank state". Everything seems to run much smoother and I changed apps to be saved in SD Card.

  4. JeffH says:

    I got the update by directly loading the mac link on the samsung website, downloading update.zip directly to my phone, moving the file to sdcard, restarting while holding down the camera button and lower volume button, and scrolling down 1 entry with the lower volume button then hitting the home key to run the update.

    My phone was not erased, and the new Froyo OS seems to work fine. Having the new flash is nice.

  5. Jack says:

    Sprint pushed the update to my Epic around 1am this morning and it's working great. No data loss with the automated update, obviously. Only one app…the alarm clock…was removed that I've noticed so far. It was replaced with a more feature-rich "clock" application. Icons are a bit different, but not an issue. Overall, it responds well and seems a bit faster.

  6. Milos Miles Matthew says:

    I am definitely going to wait for the update to come to me, so i can just download it using JUST my phone, don't want to deal with all that USB thing! Tho i have to say, that i am using the USB to connect my phone to my laptop and use its internet, the PDAnet app…and also 4G…and man….ITS FREAKING AWESOME 😀 i download 20 GBs or more every month wooooo yeah! So Dear Sprint please release the update so we can download it using just our phones so we can all be happy Stay in Peace =D

    1. therealchewtoy says:

      Yes, my battery life is definitely worse now. I already was using two batteries every day, but now I have to rotate those batteries twice, so I'm effectively going through three full battery charges every 18 hours or so. This sucks big time.

  7. KawaSaki says:

    I had no problem upgrading, I did not lose any data or apps, but some how I see baterry life is shorter, do you guys have the same issue or it's just me?

  8. M Johnson says:

    Installing the update went smoothly, without the loss of apps. Unfortunately, now I can no longer adjust ringtones or use my camera. More than a little frustrating.

  9. 2.2 is awesome…..great layout. lots of cool changes….there is now a dedicated silent button on you notifications menu. You can delete apps right from the application window….only problems so far is that ShootMe doesn't work…and ATK seems to be not working correctly

  10. vane0218 says:

    I am annoyed!!! I have been waiting for this update and it's constantly telling me that it has to force an app to close. I lost my camera and it seems like I'm having problems receiving phone calls.

    1. Jeremy says:

      when i updated my epic yesterday, i had a similar problem. the camera and music player would not open up and force closed. Im not sure why, but it has to do with the format of your SD card. I saved all my files from my card on my computer, reformatted my card, and loaded everything back on. It all works fine now. You can reformat your Sdcard by going to menu, settings, sd card and phone storage. If you already backed up your sdcard, then click unmount sdcard and then format. There may be other fixes for this, but this is what worked for me. Hope this helps.

  11. Amanda says:

    I just downloaded 2.2. It has a wonderful interface! My camera and Music player will not open. 🙁 Saddly thoes are my 2 favorite features of my Epic. Such a sad story.

  12. Sabrina says:

    My phone just updated itself. My calender didn't sinc properly, my phone won't ring only vibrates now. quite a few of my apps force close not sure why this automatically updated my phone but now I am having problems.

    1. brmstik says:

      I definately agree about the silly brightly colored bubbles and wish I could turn them off. On the plus side, the messages from previous days now include the time.

  13. rod says:

    I updated fine got the download from samsungs website installed it. Now my epic is getting really hot and had my phone on standby for about 6 hours and the battery was almost dead got the 15% notice and it got to the point where I had to take put battery and have the phone off for it to cool off any1 having this issue

  14. Vizio says:

    why cant i use my camera? it keeps force closing on me. i saw my old alarm is gone and received this new "clock" widget thing which is cool, but the alarm clock doesnt work on it!!! so how long do i have to wait until i can take photos again? kinda makes me wish i hadnt installed the "upgrade"….

  15. Epic user says:

    Wow… I'm beyond upset right now. My pictures are gone. My phone only vibrates. I can't open my camera. I can't open any music. I'm wondering why they didn't warn you to remove your sd card at least so your pictures wouldn't get erased. I can't comprehend how they could be so careless.

    1. cjgmusic33 says:

      they didn't warn you because it didn't happen. my pics were just fine. did you back them up like it said to do before the update? some people never take responsibility for their own actions. just hard reset your phone and get back to the real world.

  16. mario says:

    Updated last nite. at like 11pm est. Everything seems to be working fine. Contacts came back within 2 min. Only had like 3 or 4 apps so that was no big deal. Dont like the new message format. Can anyone tell me what else this update has. Or is it just phone geeks hyping this froyo crap up.

  17. SEO WEB says:

    I did a Google search and learned that 2.2 was on the Samsung website. I downloaded the .zip for Mac and dumped it in the root directory of the phone. I then did the Volume down with camera button together reboot for a self update. It installed without a problem. About 24 hrs now and I'm a happy camper.

  18. Seth says:

    Can't use my camera, music, new clock force closes, can't change my ringtones back from whatever the hell froyo changed them to.(force closes settings when I try), and this is just within the first 5 min of checking out what froyo did. I haven't done anything special to my phone at all since purchase. Haven't rooted it, haven't installed anything that wasn't from the app store. This update is bullshit.

  19. Sandra says:

    I am having the same problems with camera and pictures. Some other posts on android forum suggested backing up SD card and reformatting should resolve the problem.

  20. Kbrad says:

    I just received the the update on my phone OTA everything seems to be working fine and I did loose any apps or photos. If you have not downloaded it yet just wait until Sprint sends it to you so you don have to reinstall anything or possibly mess something up. I'm in Dallas,Tx I received the update around 12:30 pm.

  21. cjgmusic33 says:

    i DL'd it from Samsung. had zero problems. didn't have anything erased. no force closes, no problems period. i hate the new messaging format and the fact that the icon looks like an email. wish they would've given us the option to at least change the colors. otherwise, good update but not worth waiting 6 months for.

  22. Justin says:

    I like the update.. except my phone's stock messenger keeps opening up even though I have handcent as my default.. does anyone know how to fix this. It never did this before

  23. Motv8dlady says:

    I received the update about 1am and the only problem I have is that my gmail calendar did not sync.
    I love the update. I like the new bubble messenger much better, the silent butten at the top, the clock, the Qik app shows who has video chat now(didn't before) and The music app is so much better. I absolutely love it so far….as long as nothing starts to go wrong. 🙂

  24. Kbrad says:

    All of my photos and applications where in place after my OTA upgrade so if you have not received your update please wait for it because people who download it seem to have some type of issues are files lost.

  25. Katy says:

    I was sent the install notification today, installed the update and lost everyting! Phone keeps force closing almost every app I open. Camera just doesn’t work at all, pictures, videos all gone. Its also completely frozen a few times(this within just and hour of update), had to take out the battery.

    No update before has ever deleted anything on my phones, just now. Pretty inconvenient cause I’m in Hawaii and use it to take pictures and video.

    Any info would be great, cannot deal with Sprint right now, will plan on calling later.

    Oh, my friend who also has the Epic installed the update and everything works fine and nothing was lost.
    So ticked off, this update has made my smartphone pretty much obsolete.

  26. Nathan says:

    I installed this update a few days ago and i love it. i have not had any problems with it at all. also it didnt start me off with a blank slate. i got to keep all my data and apps. overall im fairly satisfied with this update

  27. kcsurfrider says:

    Go to Apps/My Files/DCIM. You should find all your pics there on your SD card. Just got off the phone with Sprint Cust Service…they have no clue how to get the gallery, camera, and phone to work. My Gallery shows Not Items and the menu won't show up for Sprint to trouble shoot from. The camera forces closed, IF it opens. My phone was just vibrating not ringing and now it shows an android issue and forces the phone to close. WTF!

  28. bsalem says:

    Very disappointed with fryo. Falsh not working right, sound only picture later. I can not open other windows from website. says I had opened to many windows. Battery usage is way up. No more advance task killer, does not work. Apps working in the background all the time. more to come.

  29. Lawrence says:

    I had it for 2 days now and my only issues is text messages. For some reason it tells me that I have a new text when ive already read the text. Also it does seem to be a little sluggish than befoe. BTW Samsung, if there is a Epic 2 please have a PHYSICAL end call button and back button.

  30. april says:

    updated mine yesterday and now camera, clock, music player all force close and all the photos in gallergy are missing. ringtones are gone and can't tell when someone's calling!! HELP ME!!!!

  31. Posted this in the "problems" page, but figured it would be seen here too! Hope you get yours going, as I did.

    FIX for ALL problems on Epic 4G

    Do this:

    1.) Backup all your stuff from your SD card on your computer in a folder to avoid losing any files
    2.) With your card in your phone, go to settings, sd card, and unmount it, then format will be a selectable option.
    3.) Format your SD card
    4.) Restart Phone
    5.) *IMPORTANT* Test your camera, media files (which should be gone, just test the app to make sure it doesn't die again) Test your sound settings too if you wish.
    6.) Re-add all your stuff to your card, but in the correct folders. Make sure you take your photos out of the old folder, and put them in the new folder (not just copy the whole folder)
    7.) *Re-test all the stuff in #5
    8.) Comment here if it helps and give a thumbs up so people know 😀

  32. jfmole says:

    Battery life is definitely worse for me as well since updating to froyo from a stock Epic 4g. Now the battery drains fully during the night, in about 7 hours, with wifi on but all syncing off. Never had a problem with that before. Will try leaving wifi off tonight. Very disapointed…

  33. Tara says:

    I get NO sound when im on the phone letting me know that i got a text message! It comes but the sound will not work anyone having this problem that can help me fix mine?

  34. jfmole says:

    Battery life still bad since froyo update. I turned wifi off and let the phone sit overnight (bluetooth, gps, and 4g also off). Battery went down 24% in 7 hours. I immediately checked Settings -> About Phone -> Battery Use and the majority was Cell standby followed by Phone idle. So at that rate the battery would fully deplete in less than 30 hours on standby – not good. I'm sure the battery lasted longer just before the update.

    Would love to improve it but not sure what to try next. Anyone else seeing similar results?

    1. jfmole says:

      Ok, weird. My battery life situation seems to be improving somehow. I re-ran the same test last night with the same settings. This morning the battery had only drained 15% after 7 hours, which I can easily live with. Guess I'll just keep an eye on it.

  35. I did the update via over the air but when I recvd the notification, I waited until later because I was using the phone at the time. I have not had any issues thus far, everything works great except I would like to know how to change the yellow and blue bubble containers for messaging. This is not my fave part of the update. the only thing I really wanted from this was the ability to use flash 10.1. I didn't need all the additional built in software.

    I did notice on the camera settings that you can no longer adjust the amount of light under camera but it works under video.

  36. divajjj says:

    I am having trouble with my ringtones and my alert tones. I dont now how to get them on my phone again. Other than that I like the changes.

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