Facebook Breakup Notifier App: Relationship Status

When Facebook first started out they became popular for many reasons, and one was being able to see the relationship status of those you’re interested in, and now the job of getting the one you want has just got easier.

The new Facebook app is called ‘Breakup Notifier’, which the official site can be found at breakupnotifier.com, and includes easy instructions on how to set up the application. These result in you receiving an email when certain relationships end, thanks to a change in status. This seems a much easier way to track those you’re interested in, rather than being the most popular viewer of their profile.

This service has been reported on by the Daily Mail, who feel that the application gives the user the advantage of offering support to a friend the moment they finish a relationship, which is a positive way to look at the service rather than the typical chasing down a new date and either stressing out the new single, or maybe trying to take advantage of them.

Daily Mail’s reporter also looked at the psychology of Breakup Notifier and Facebook users in general, highlighting an interesting study that states the more friends you may have on Facebook, the more stressed you are. Does that sound like you?

Breakup Notifier sounds like a great service to us, although it does seem like another way those with partners are going to get in trouble. Feel free to get started with the Facebook app via their page, or let us know your thoughts on this new service in the comments.

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