Going Too Thin For iPad 2 Release

Apple is one brand that seems to get more rumours than any other; this is partly due to their secret way of doing business, more than any other tech brand we know. We love it when rumours from different sources confirm the same specs, and now we’re hearing this for a couple of iPad 2 cases.

The other day we reported about a leather iPad 2 case, bearing in mind that the new Apple tablet has not been released yet, or confirmed. Today we hear from 9to5mac.com, and get to see a hands-on with an apparent iPad 2 case, this time silicon.

You can see a video thanks to Mark Gurman from 9to5mac, which is featured below this post. Gurman points out that its hard to believe just how “thin this thing is”, and he mentions room for a larger speaker that was also confirmed in the leather case we spoke about earlier. Have a read of the full article here.

While we speculate on the iPad 2 release, we must emphasise that the design should be final by now, considering we’re days away from an official release, which is also confirmed by the price cuts and stock clearance in stores. Some crazy rumours of another delay for the iPad 2 are hitting the web today, although we have got doubts over these.

What we want to know is how thin should the 2nd generation iPad be? The case featured in this post shows a big change, but what could be considered as too thin? Let us know in the comments.

The video points out that the case manufacture apparently had an official mould for this case, if this is true, then we have a good idea on what the iPad 2 will feature. See the video below.


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