Apple iPad and iPhone to Gain Final Fantasy III Soon: Video

For all you iOS gaming fans out there in Apple land who enjoy a bit of cut and slash gaming apparently Final Fantasy III is making its way to the App Store in the not too distant future to join the previous Final Fantasy iOS games.

According to an article over on Daily iPhone Blog, the news of Final Fantasy III coming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad was announced via @SquareEnixDLG, with a tweet that said…” #iPhone FINAL FANTASY III coming next month!!!!! http://bit.ly/hgu9Z9#FF3″

On hitting that link in the tweet you are taken to the Square Enix website where the main page says that Final Fantasy III is coming March 2011 and presumably thereafter on the App Store.

Both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are available to download to the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad from iTunes at a cost of $8.99 each so presumably Final Fantasy III will also command the same price tag.

And just so you can get a taster of Final Fantasy III on the iPhone, we have a first look video for your viewing pleasure below so make sure you check it out enjoy.

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