Research Prompts, What Is The Best Top 5 Smartphones?

When it comes to smartphones research is always being put forward to find the best smartphone on the market and that is exactly what uSwitch mobile tracker did, well we want to ask you the reader what you think is the best mobile handset.

We will only talk about 5 different smartphones and they are the HTC Desire, HTC desire HD, HTC Wildfire, BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Samsung Galaxy S.

The mobile phones mentioned above are the top 5 smartphones leaving the iPhone 4 out of the Top 5, this is where we will hold a poll of all six handsets and let you decide what the best device is. Our very own PhonesReview survey because it is our readers opinion that counts.

The Telegraph has even reported this latest survey mentioning that the reason the iPhone 4 has been knocked down to 6th place because the Android open software that the top 3 phones being ‘Android’ is becoming very popular indeed.

Anyway, below we have listed all six smartphones in our poll and would like you to vote for your favourite one, just simply click the field and let the poll begin. Call it our little survey if you must

[poll id=”251″]

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