Android App (Google My Tracks) Helps Prevent Speeding Ticket

If you are going down a road in your car and the police stop you because they say you was speeding but you was not, then we know this Android app aka Google My Tracks will help you.

According to Android Community by way of SkatterTech this particular app saves a driver from a speeding ticket, this story is all about driver Sahas Katta who was ticketed by police for speeding and apparently going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit.

The drive was so confident that he was under the speed limit because of the Android app on his Motorola Droid called Google My Tracks could prove so, the app allows drivers to keep tabs on miles traveled and the maximum speed whilst in transit and according to the apps records the maximum speed he was doing was 1mph under the legal limit.

The courts decided to drop the ticket and the driver was left happy, so it goes to prove apps are indeed powerful and Google My Tracks is well worth having on your Android mobile phone.

You can read more about this app right here; if you already have this application installed please do send in your reviews.

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