Windows Phone 7 Update Problems Detailed by Microsoft

You may or may not know that Microsoft pushed out a Windows Phone 7 update earlier in the week, which has apparently caused a few problems especially with Samsung WP7 smartphone apparently bricking, you can check out that article (here).

Well apparently Microsoft has stepped up to the line to shed some light on the matter, and according to an article over on Engadget, according to a posting on the Windows Phone Blog, 90% of those who received the update had no problems.

Which of course means 10% did, ad apparently “nearly half” of those that saw the update fail was due to the lack of enough disk space or lack of a proper internet connection; however apparently both are easy to fix.

Apparently the Windows Phone 7 update has now been suspended to Samsung devices while Microsoft works on fixing the problem, which they are saying is only a small number of Samsung phones.

According to the article, the update process actually takes a back up of the handsets contents as a precaution should anything go wrong, and thus you require plenty of free space on your computer along with a solid internet connection.

There’s a long list of Q&A for those with concerns to read through along with a link to a trouble shooter that addresses several update related error messages available on the Microsoft blog.


One thought on “Windows Phone 7 Update Problems Detailed by Microsoft”

  1. GTess says:

    So 10% of Windows Phone users who followed Microsoft's instructions saw their phones get "bricked" (irreparably fail).

    The word 'Microsoft' can be interchanged with the word 'fail' when it comes to mobile.

    Remember the Sidekick phones? Microsoft caused the great 2009 Data Loss, after trying to update its servers, then erasing the photos and emails on everyone's phones. Of course, Microsoft kept no backup.

    Now we have Microsoft once again trying to update phones, but this time it is Windows Phone 7 handsets. Of course it failed, and now thousands of people have useless, broken, unusable phones.

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