HTC Thunderbolt Verizon Price Expensive & Release Pending

The HTC Thunderbolt has caused a lot of stir of late surrounding the release date, well now we can report on the price point that some may find to be a little too expensive.

The release date pending, which hopefully will be March 4th if all goes to plan has annoyed many customers seeing as dates like the 24th then the 28th of February was suggested, now we would love to know what you think of the HTC Thunderbolt Verizon price.

Now we have visited HTC website and put a few Zip codes and and no prices have shown up for us, but Phandroid has a screenshot of the price (Image shown below).

The HTC store is showing a price of $699.99, now we would love to know if this price is expensive or it is indeed a price you would pay for the HTC Thunderbolt. Please do let us know when you visit Verizon Wireless or HTC if when you enter your Zip Code if a price shows up for you.

If the HTC Thunderbolt price is $699.99 would you buy it or still steer towards the iPhone 4? All comments welcomed below, thanks. If you would like to discuss anything to do with this smartphone please visit our discussions page.

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19 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Verizon Price Expensive & Release Pending”

  1. A price of $700 would not encourage me to buy an iPhone instead. It would only encourage me to buy a different droid and probably to keep my present phone until I’m up for renewal. The thunderbolt looks like an awesome phone that I’d love to have, but 700 bucks is prohibitive. I’ll wait until prices come down.


    here is what is on best buy if you put in zip code 73014 at their mobile site:

    HTC -ThunderBolt Mobile Phone -Charcoal Gray (Verizon Wireless) Model: ADR6400LVW | SKU: 1949051 reg $749.99 $749.99 Sold Out Online Weekly Ad: Save an additional $450.00 when you purchase this item in store.

  3. sundoll says:

    This has been the rumored no contract price for sometime. The 2year price is most likely 299 but was previously thought to be 249. Since Verizon is reportedly going to keep their 4G rates at the same price point as their other data plans (30 bucks a month unlimited), it makes sense they'll mark up the handsets.

  4. Pantera991 says:

    I am confident this is the off contract price for the phone. Verizon knows that they cannot charge that kind of price for a new phone on contract.

  5. Katy says:

    You do realize that this is the price if you purchase the phone without a contract?
    The price of a Thunderbolt with a 2yr contract was advertised as 299$ in this week's Best Buy ad.

  6. Tiny says:

    Even if the phone lands between $250 and $299 with a 2 yr plan that is too steep for me. I would love to have the TB but if I need a phone while I am waiting for the price to drop, I would get the DroidX Not the iPhone.

  7. Mark says:

    If I was not up for renewal I would not spend this type of money for a device. It is a COOL phone but heck…they have bigger and better ones pushed out every 6mo. Its like the new best buy commercial thats out…you think you have the best only to see the upgrade and then its like…BOO, I PAID THAT!?!?!

  8. omfg bbqsauce says:

    Seriously you guys are idiots. The phone will be 699.99 out of contract. The screen shot shows to the left that a plan was not selected for this device. The phone will sell for 299.99 potentially 249.99 after the in store rebate. Check your sources before you post retarded news like this.

  9. Scott says:

    I can’t keep this up. Just got my Droid X in Aug, $299 and no hdmi output! WTF is wrong with the people. You know what we like and want so why can’t you keep the Evo shell, next gen processor, more ram, and 4g! Im going to wait for iphone 5! I have been trying to support android, but w/ new phones and new software updates that u might not get every 6 months, screw this!

  10. Madmax says:

    Of course, the 699.99 is an Out of Contract Price. No doubt about it. In fact, even the 299.99 price will be a Best Buy price (whats new about BestBuy price gouging customers). I bet the Verizon Retail price In-store will be about 199.99 and they are just testing the market with leaks of higher rates to judge the market reaction. If at all they lauch at 249.99, it wont be long before the price drops to 199.99. Good Luck with your greed, VZW!

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