Samsung Galaxy Ace Goes White for South Korea

It appears that the rage colour with smartphones these days seem to be white, unfortunately something Apple continually struggles with on their iPhone 4, however when it comes to the Android Samsung Galaxy Ace white isn’t a problem.

According to an article over on Unwired View and by way of Samsung Hub, South Korean customers can now pick up a white version of the Samsung Galaxy Ace handset at a cost of KRW 600,000, which is roughly $532.

Unfortunately the release of the white Samsung Galaxy Ace is currently limited to South Korea, and no word of if or when other markets will see the pale version, but as Samsung seems to want as many devices available in as many countries as possible I can’t see why the white Samsung Galaxy Ace wouldn’t be expended to other markets in the not too distant future.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is available in South Korea from SK Telecom while over here in the UK the Android 2.2 Froyo packing handset is expected to see release sometime in March and as yet no price for the UK version is available.

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