Angry Birds Raps it Out: Video

Well Goehot did it to draw attention to his plight with Sony and the PS3 jailbreak lawsuit, so it seems everything is fair game when it comes to putting out a rap, and even includes the multi-platform mobile game Angry Birds.

Yes folks someone has finally got round to p0enning a rap about Angry Birds, and there is video evidence top support it, which of course we have for your viewing pleasure and ear bashing below courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog.

Apparently the Angry Birds Rap was penned and rapped by Brandon Shapiro, otherwise known as Bshap and edited by Zachary Durand, and they have a disclaimer on their YouTube page asking Rovio not to sue.

For those that want to learn the lyics so they can rap along to the Angry Birds Rap said lyrics are posted to the YouTube page, while if you want to download the MP3 you can do so by hitting up here.

That’s about it, all you need do now is make the jump and punch the play button to check out the Angry Birds Rap, it’s quite a catchy tune, but I wonder what will be next to get the rap treatment…enjoy.


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