HTC Thunderbolt Accessories: Body Glove Case

HTCPedia now have a new Body Glove Snap-On case for the ever elusive HTC Thunderbolt smartphone. The case has a hard durable shell which is covered in a textured glove material to give the phone extra protection against damage and scratches, the material also enables the phone to be gripped more securely.

The Body Glove Snap-On case is currently priced at $14.99 online: at shop.htcpedia.com. However, before you draw out your credit/debit card to place an order, they are currently, ‘out of stock’. The expected availability is 24 March 2011.

Is it just me, or does it seem very strange that there are a number of accessories for the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone, but the phone has not been released yet?. In an earlier post by my colleague James (phonesreview.co.uk),it would appear that nobody knows for sure when the phone will actually be released. There seems to be a lot of speculation, but nothing concrete just yet.

Apparently, the cause of the delay in the release of the phone is due to a problem with the phone having a poor battery life, which needs sorting out before Verizon will release the phone, please see the earlier post on this issue by Mark (phonesreview.co.uk).

If you wish to leave your comments on any of the issues raised, please feel free to fill in the comments box below.

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