iPhone Game Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, Hands On Video

For iOS gamers and Sonic the Hedgehog fans alike, we have a little hands-on video footage of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing running on the iPhone for your viewing pleasure below, an iOS game that will apparently be hitting the App Store in spring.

The Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing game hands-on video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of the SlideToPay YouTube page and delivers just over three minutes of iPhone kart racing action.

With Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing for the iPhone, gamers get to choose which character they wish to play in this fun kart racing game with character such as Sonic and Knuckles of course, and characters from such games as Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue and other Dreamcast games.

Have to say I used to be quite addicted to Sonic when it first came out on the now antiquated Megadrive console, and seeing the spiky character still around brings back fond memories of hours of gameplay.

Still enough from me, all you need do now is make the jump below, mash that play button and check out the gaming action…enjoy.

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