Thunderbolt Alternatives as Verizon Reduce All Droid Handset Prices

As the debacle of the HTC Thunderbolt release date delay continues it would appear that some Verizon customers have decided to opt for a different smartphone, whether waiting for the release of the Droid Bionic or picking up another Droid handset.

And it would appear that now is the time to pick up a Droid smartphone from the Big Red as according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, Verizon has now dropped the asking price of all Droid smartphones.

Apparently Verizon is offering a cool 99 bucks off the subsidised price of all Droid handsets when purchased through their online store based on signing up for a 2-year agreement of course.

Word is the new pricing is only a temporary thing, but if you take advantage of it now you could snap up the Motorola Droid R2D2, or HTC Droid Incredible (CPO) or even the Motorola Droid X (CPO) for zero bucks.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the Droid Pro that will go for just $79.99 or the Droid 2 Global for only $99. So if you are on the lookout for a new Droid smartphone and can’t be bothered to hang around for that HTC Thunderbolt any longer, hit up the Verizon online store and grab yourself a sweet deal.


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