HTC Thunderbolt Release Delayed But Not Commercial: Video

The HTC Thunderbolt as everyone is aware has seen delay after delay and there isn’t any real evidence when the HTC Thunderbolt is likely to see release other than Verizon commenting on their Facebook page that the smartphone will release soon as the release date has been confirmed.

However that doesn’t stop HTC from advertising the HTC Thunderbolt with a new commercial and we have that commercial for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Droid-life and by way of YouTube user Brumlevec08.

The HTC Thunderbolt commercial runs the usual 30-odd seconds for a TV spot and is apparently not from Verizon but has been made by HTC.

So although it would appear you don’t deserve to know when you might be able to get your hands on the HTC Thunderbolt, you are allowed to have the device rubbed into your face and view the Android 2.2 Froyo handset on your TV.

Hit up the video below and check out the HTC Thunderbolt doing its thing even though you don’t know when you’re likely to pick it up…enjoy.


4 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Release Delayed But Not Commercial: Video”

  1. Droidaphobe says:

    Screw this phone! Verizon SUCKS! No communication at all "its coming soon, be patien, blah blah" Suck on my left Nutsicle! The longer they take the more likely I am going to go with another phone the Samsung Stealth V is looking pretty good. I 've waited this long all ready might as well wait until the end of Q2 for something better to come along. DAMN YOU VERIZON! IF I wasn't locked in to your contract I would drop you for METRO PCS… I kidd I kidd

  2. Maurizio says:

    Smaller battery than the EVO…that means that unless they change the battery, I don't see Verizon releasing it anytime soon. The battery life in their tests has been horrific (Engadget).

  3. mike says:

    How can ppl say the thunderbolt keeps getting delayed, even though Verizon has never officially gave a release date? Until Verizon officially comes out and says when the phone is gonna be available, all the release dates mean nothing!

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