The Life Changing Apple iPad In One Year: Video

During the Apple iPad 2 launch event yesterday Apple showed a video of one year of the Apple iPad, and now we have that video footage for your viewing pleasure below, which seems to be a kind of way of saying goodbye iPad hello iPad 2.

The One Year of the Apple iPad video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at 9to5 Mac and by way of Apple’s YouTube page and lasts almost six minutes and delivers words and wisdom from Apple people such as Phil Schiller, and Ron Johnson.

Basically the video is a look back at what the Apple iPad has brought to the world, slapping the iOS tablet on the back for being such a magical device and changing everyone’s life for the better…yes folks get those tissues out.

The blurb on the YouTube page says…” There’s never been anything like iPad. It changes the way students learn and teachers teach. It transforms how businesses do business. It helps doctors take better care of patients. And it’s a whole new way to see the world.”

Thus the mantel of greatness now passes from the Apple iPad over to its successor the Apple iPad 2, which in turn will eventually fade into the shadows when replaced by the iPad 3. Check out the video below and shed a tear for the passing of the iPad 1…shucks it’s like saying bye to an old friend…enjoy.

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