Motorola Xoom Will Still Upgrade to 4G LTE Even If Rooted

If you have been tinkering with your Android 3.0 Honeycomb sporting Motorola Xoom to get the tablet unlocked and have been worrying that now you’ve unlocked the device you wont be eligible for the upgrade to 4G LTE, stop worrying.

According to an article over on Engadget by way of the Motorola Support Forums, Motorola has now officially confirmed that they will attempt to upgrade all Xoom tablets on the Verizon network whether they have been unlocked or not.

Here’s the word from the forums…” All Motorola XOOM tablets on the Verizon Wireless network are eligible to receive an upgrade to support 4G LTE. This includes those that have been unlocked; however, those units must be submitted for upgrade with the original factory software reinstalled and the device relocked in order to receive the upgrade.

For devices that are returned unlocked, Motorola will attempt to complete the upgrade, but may be unable to update the software. In these cases, the device will be returned to the consumer with just the 4G LTE modem installed.

More details on the process will be available closer to the upgrade availability.”

So there you have it, if you want to upgrade your unlocked Motorola Xoom to 4G LTE then you just have to relock the tablet and send it back to Motorola. Seems like Motorola is playing the good guy with their Xoom tablet when it comes to 4G.


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  1. Thank God Motorola Xoom will be under Verizon. I think it is a smart choice for Motorola. Too bad their product (Atrix) was under AT&T. I truly believe that this will be a good venture for the 2 companies. Both are arguably the best on what they do.

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