Apple iPad 2 Wannabees Queuing Already

Now I know that most are eager to get their hands on the latest iOS tablet out of the Apple factory, but with still a few days to go before the Apple iPad 2 is released upon the iOS faithful it does seem somewhat premature to be lining up for the device.

However apparently not too early for everyone as according to an article over on TiPb, one guys has already set up his tent and is camping out outside an Apple Store in Texas.

Apparently the TiPb guys heard of this early camper from Maccast, the eager Apple iPad 2 wannabee is one Justin Wagoner, who also happened to be the first in line at a Texas store when Apple released the iPhone 4.

Apparently the Apple Store where Wagoner is camped out is a “temporary setup” for the Knox Street location in Texas as the Knox Street location is being renovated.

With that said, would you hit the Apple iPad 2 lines so early, or do you plan on waiting just a little longer before you set up your own camp? Personally I would simply wait until the rush is over, but then I’m not an iOS device owner.

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