HTC Thunderbolt: Even More Release Date Confusion

Somehow I think many HTC Thunderbolt hopefuls are getting pretty close to the end of their patience over the ongoing debacle that it the HTC Thunderbolt release date delay. We’ve previously heard several release dates for the device and still no confirmation, and now yet another rumoured date.

According to an article over on Techy Kid, the HTC Thunderbolt won’t see release on the 10th due to the release of the Apple iPad 2 and the release date for the Android 2.2 Froyo Thunderbolt is now moved to the 17th of March.

The news of this latest Thunderbolt release date comes via an article on Sentnation that says ” Verizon and HTC have agreed in principle to a March 17th launch date with an announcement coming this week, likely on Tuesday the 8th.”

Apparently the HTC Thunderbolt being released after the Apple iPad 2 is shown is an image posted by Droid-life of a Verizon ladder, which shows the Thunderbolt above the Apple iPad 2 and thus presumed to have a release date after the iOS tablet.

My PhonesReview colleague Mark mentions that the Apple iPad 2 release seems more important than the release of the HTC Thunderbolt, which you can read by hitting up (here).

Obviously just about everything to do with the release date for the HTC Thunderbolt is up in the air and unconfirmed by Verizon or HTC, so it’s about time one of those actually made a commitment to their customers and set the record straight on when the Thunderbolt will be released.

As it stands, virtually everyday a new release date is rumoured, and if this latest one is true then perhaps we will find out later today if the announcement comes.


22 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt: Even More Release Date Confusion”

  1. Joe says:

    That photo is so fake, it's funny to see how media sources take something and run with it even if they can't verify the info they are showing. An just like everyone else this web page is making up there own home made release date of the 17th. It is funny watching all of these media sources guessing at the date, of course BestBuy is the idiot at the head of all of these dates, this just goes to show you how much a retail store has to do with anything and apparently nothing. This also shows how Verizon is always on the shirt tails of all the other major Networks, they got the iphony years after ATT and still do not have a 4G phone which is well behind all of the other network again. For a phone company that thinks they are so BIG Verizon seams to always be the last one with everything. I've been with Verizon for years and the service is ok at best near my home though ATT (friends phone) has better reception.

  2. Droid4life says:

    They need to stop sacking off and tell the customers what is going down. We are the customers and the company without us there wouldn't be a Verizon. So let's get to it, not everyone is a Apple lover.

  3. kevin says:

    There are no other phones coming out before the thunderbolt even if it is released the 17th….so the sales shouldn't be effected…unless u want to wait for the bionic which itself doesn't have one!!!

  4. Andy says:

    Tech is becoming obsolete rapidly these days. If Verizon continues to hold off releasing HTC Thunderbolt, no one will buy the outdated junk

    1. Mike says:

      They're still pushing the phones they released in 2010 so I doubt they believe that. I was a Verizon customer for years (at least 10) but they were so slow in releasing new phones so I switched to AT&T and got an iPhone. With Verizon's LTE network and some hot new phones on the horizon, I decided to return and switch to Android but they don't seem to have their act together. I'll probably wait it out but, honestly, I'm not optimistic about the end product.

    2. jason says:

      Tech gear can last ages, just got a new computer this year, my old still runs fine at 9 years old. Its more people get bored of older technology, it still works.

  5. lilcricket says:

    you would think that Verizon would want to release the desired phone before all the other cool new gadgets come out and people decide to not wait no longer and get something else. I myself is getting tired of the wait and all the excitement thinking I am finally getting the Thunderbolt only to hear Verizon is yet again pushing out the release date. Verizon may be the best network, but as far as pleasing their customers demands they are ignorant. Verizon needs to step up and just do it..

  6. Rachel says:

    First off that info isnt fake! Back in January when the HTC Thunderbolt was announced all they said was by the end of Quarter 1. Well we have what….3 weeks before Q1 comes to an end. Honestly Id rather have a phone that runs flawless then a phone that has flaws. Ive been waiting for this phone since it was announced at the beginning of the year and just like everyone else my patience are running short but Ive also learned "Good Things Come to Those who wait" and from what I understand this phone will be well worth the wait. Ive also been told that the phone has actually been scheduled all along for the March 17th release date. They wanted to try and push it out sooner but needed to fix a few issues. So honestly be patient.Its coming!

  7. Customer#444844 says:

    Iphone 5 will be out before the thunderbolt with the way things are going and i want the thunderbolt, but with iphone 5 coming out; i will get the iphone 5 even if it's not on Verizon thus leaving Verizon network. if the thunderbolt would have came out in march, I would have gotten it and stayed on Verizon network. Verizon is the only one losing out. I have options!

  8. Kim says:

    Patiently awaiting the Thunderbolt release; but wondering if anyone here knows anything about the LG Revolution? Is it still on the agenda to be released?

  9. Kipper says:

    I cannot believe Best Buy has/is permitted to advertise this device when no-one knows or is able to provide a release date. I was told by BB Feb 14th, then the 21st, then the 28th, then March 4th, now March 10th (which probably will not happen). Verizon stores told me the same dates. No one knows!!! The more I think about it, this phone is an Evo with a new case and runs CDMA not GSM. I am not waiting for it anymore, good bye Verizon, hello Sprint and Evo.

  10. tristan says:

    i I was talking to verizon tech services on my piece of crap balackberry storm last night and during our hour and a half conversation I was BITCHING about there still not being a release date on the thunderbolt yet and what I was told by tech services was "be patient, I promise you wont have to be patient for very long at all and there will be an announcement REALLY soon of when the phone will be released… just trust me"
    So this story could be correct hopefully we will hear today!!!!

  11. Kevin says:

    Write It down….this phone will not be out till at least April. Verizon is being led around by it's nose by Mr. Jobs and company. Pure and simple…a debacle and PR night mare for big red.

  12. Zach says:

    I am with Andy, at this point I am wondering if it is even worth going the HTC Thunderbolt route….I have been waiting for this phone but at this point…I think I have waited long enough and will simply not purchase the device. The delay also is starting to make me wonder what type of unknown technical problems is Verizon encountering the phone? Not the best way to launch a new competitor for the iphone. Maybe it is just time to go to the dark side and buy the iphone

  13. VZcustomer says:

    Frustrating the consumers with delays ,and rumors, for a phone that will be overpriced & an overpriced "limited" usage plan. Not a smart move from Verizon. The longer they wait to release the phone, the more customers for this phone they will lose; including me.

    I was dead-set on getting this phone at the end of this month with my upgrade. After hearing the price for the phone, the tiered data plans, and the delay in release, this phone is not worth it.

  14. Aamiahsmom says:

    If you go back to the early announcements for the Thunderbolt, it estimated that the release date would be around March 17th…. I think the rumors are a blessing and a curse. It'll be here. If you want this phone, just hold on a little longer. If you're like me, you have a phone that probably works just fine and waiting another week or so won't kill you. I want a droid…on Verizon…and by HTC 🙂

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