Motorola Xoom Accessories: Folding Portfolio Case

For all those that love the new Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) 10.1-inch widescreen HD display Motorola Xoom Tablet should consider protecting it with the folding portfolio case.

The folding portfolio case for the Motorola Xoom comes in black and looks fantastic, it will protect from light bumps and scratches and keeps it virtually dust free. It features a play-through design, which basically means you can connect the tablet into a Motorola Standard or Speaker HD dock (not included) without removing the case.

It is very nice looking, reasonably priced and allows for easy comfortable viewing, reading and typing.

If you visit both Motorola Online Store and Best Buy they have it priced at $39.99, but after a little digging we found that The Accessory King online store says that Expected Release Date is 05/20/2011 and they have the Motorola Portfolio Case for Motorola Xoom priced at only $37.73, which is cheaper than Motorola and Best Buy online stores.

Please visit Motorola for more information and where to buy the Xoom Tablet, all the details you need with a simple click of your left button. Check out a few images of the Portfolio Case below:


4 thoughts on “Motorola Xoom Accessories: Folding Portfolio Case”

  1. Sorry, just noticed this is a UK site… so I guess it's not releasing there at launch??? That's kind of unfortunate, the Xoom is very sexy but I wouldn't want to use it 'uncovered' on a daily basis. It collects smudges easily (and not just on the screen). The case is a really awesome accessory though. Not only does it help to avoid dirtying the device, viewing/using the Xoom while propped up on a tabletop is very convenient.

  2. dave carver says:

    very cheap feel to this case and to my surprise you have to unfold it to get the power adapter plugged in. why in the heck didnt they just add an access hole or something so you could leave it folded while charging?
    Oh…and i am betting the clasp that holds it closed will most likely end up scratching my Xoom.
    going to look for something to replace it soon. was the only thing i could get my hands on right away.

  3. Alethea says:

    I got mine in a pkg deal it came with 3 screen protectors, and the docking station. I wish they had put an opening where you plug the charger in, as I use it quite a bit. Like the feel and the way it looks

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