Pancake Day iOS Apps: Recipe and Game

Today is Pancake Day 2011 and we have a couple of iOS apps that you may like, one of the apps is a game and the other one is a recipe app.

First up for Pancake Day is Pancake Panic and this is a cool game where a Chef crepe has created some kind of machine that helps with the demand for the tasty treats on this special day.

Apparently the machine has gone a little out of control and Chef Crepe needs your help, the game contains two modes with ‘Panic Wave’ being the first where the game player starts at level one and you need to catch the pancakes and only once completed you can go onto the next level. Mode 2 is ‘Time Attack’; this one is a little more fun where you have 30 seconds to catch as many pancakes as possible. For more information please visit iTunes.

The second iOS app is called ‘Pancake Rush’ and this is a definite for all those that love pancakes, this app contains 30 different kinds of pancakes you can make.

Pancake Rush Main features Include: Drag and drop the required toppings, Drag and drop in the right ingredients, Drag and drop the batter on the frying pan, Slide your fingers around inside the bowl to mix the batter thoroughly, Slide your finger across the banana to peel it, then tap to chop the fruits and you’re done, Flick your fingers on the frying pan to flip the pancake over and Serve to a hungry but happy customer. Please visit iTunes for more information.

If you know of any pancake apps out there that you feel are better please do let us know the name of the app. Do you love pancakes of pancake day?


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